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I had a date with someone this evening. But I already had such a strange feeling that he perhaps refuses or does not even come. And my friendship + was still there and actually wanted to go straight after I asked him what is better with my hair. And there I had the idea !! Before I stay unfucked tonight, I'll let me fuck him again so nice! Why else do you have a friendship plus? : P I blew his horny shaved cock hard and I really enjoyed his cock in my mouth to taste. Could not stop sucking him passionately. Then I lay down on my bed, pulled my pants off, and let me push his hard cock in my wet pussy and let me fuck! So that he comes even deeper into my pussy I then turned doggy and let reinficken beautiful. He has so far squirt into my pussy that his cream probably did not want to run out: P So I think everyone should have a friendship Plus ^ ^
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Friendship plus
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